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Alumni stories | Josie Schnakenberg

How did you hear about the scholarships through the WPS Foundation?

I may not have known about the scholarships available if it wasn’t for my WPS counselor, John Harris. He really helped my class out with knowing where to look for the scholarships online and also posting the deadlines. I was also grateful enough to have Mrs. Nicole Burg (my English teacher at the time) and Mr. Harris proofread my applications before I turned them in.

Which Scholarships did you receive?

I was very fortunate enough to have received the Ron & Tim Larsen Memorial, Michael Shada Memorial, and the Elliot/Roberts Scholarships. These scholarships were able to help put myself in a better position of paying for my education at Doane University.

How is your second year at Doane University?

Softball season is in full swing in my life at Doane, as we left for Florida for our spring break trip! When we return, we will be starting conference ball until May. When I’m not playing softball, I’m either studying or participating in Gamma Phi sorority activities!

What is your major at Doane University and what are your plans after graduation?

I’m majoring in Psychology with the intentions of later getting a Masters degree in Counseling.

Josie Schnakenberg | WHS ‘17 | Doane ‘21

Josie Schnakenberg | WHS ‘17 | Doane ‘21

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