The Wahoo Public Schools Foundation receives a $500,000 endowment!

Dan Pestal was a 1968 graduate of Wahoo High School.  Throughout his younger days Dan’s health was fragile and, in fact, during the entire four years he was in high school Dan used crutches.  When he was in his early 20’s medical advancements made it possible for him to have surgery and walk normally.  Dan applied to medical school and became a doctor.  Besides his devotion to medicine his hobbies included muscle cars, model trains, guns, and exotic birds.  He pursued all of them with a passion.

 Dan’s health issues continued, however, and he passed away in 1993 at the age of 43.  In his will he put his assets in trust providing that, if his parents needed support, they could receive a distribution from his trust.  If they did not need any support the income would be given to a charity.  Dan’s parents never needed the support of his Trust.  Instead they sought to honor Dan and thank the Wahoo community for their support of Dan through various blood drives by establishing a scholarship at the Wahoo Public Schools Foundation.  Each year since 1975 a $10,000 scholarship has been given to a graduating Senior of Wahoo High School in Dan’s name.  Dan’s father, Ray, passed away in 2005.  His mother, Georgia, passed away in 2017.  With both passing the time had come to close the Trust by distributing the trust assets to charity.  The Trustee has decided to permanently endow the Dan Pestal Scholarship with a $500,000 contribution to the Wahoo Public Schools Foundation.

In addition to the annual Daniel Pestal Scholarships, the endowed fund established with the Wahoo Public Schools Foundation will provide other support as needed and determined by the Wahoo Public Schools Foundation Board. The Foundation is grateful for the generosity of the Pestal Family and the guidance of the Pestal Family Trust Trustee, Mr. Ron Ecklund.

The Wahoo Public Schools Foundation was established in 1978 to receive gifts and provide student, faculty, programing and other general support for the Wahoo Public Schools District #39.

Dan Pestal 1968

Dan Pestal 1968

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