Enhancing Our Schools...Inspiring Our Students


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of our Foundation is to solicit, manage, and distribute supplemental funds for educational purposes that may not be funded by the District. The Wahoo Public Schools Foundation awards nearly $50,000 each year to graduating students. This is made possible through the generous support of private donations to the Foundation, and supports the students' pursuits of higher education. Foundation funds will be used to support student achievement and skill development, recognize and encourage staff excellence, and expand community involvement from individuals, businesses, and civic organizations.

Goals of the Foundation

• To encourage academic excellence through "Enhancing Our Schools . . . Inspiring Our Students."
• To promote community awareness and alumni awareness in education and the Foundation.
• Increase our scholarship opportunities for Wahoo Public Schools' graduating seniors.
• Establish meaningful relationships with alumni and community members that will assist the district in obtaining additional resources for enrichment of education experiences.
• Promote and support the continuing improvement of the educational programs offered by the District.
• Recognize our outstanding students, teachers, and staff for their commitment to educational excellence.

2019 Scholarship Night

2019 Scholarship Night