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Who We Are

Mission & History

“Enhancing our Schools, Inspiring our Students” is more than just a catchy phrase. In just a few, but powerful words, it captures our mission and purpose. perfectly. 

Since its incorporation in 1988 by the Wahoo Public Schools Board of Education, the Wahoo Public Schools Foundation has existed to provide benefit and support for the Schools in the form of scholarships, building projects, program and faculty support within the District. 

From its original five-member Board, the Foundation has expanded to nine sitting Directors and several standing committees. As required by the original Articles of Incorporation, one of the WPSF Board members is also a member of the Wahoo Public School Board. 

Established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, the Foundation qualifies to receive gifts from donors as Charitable Contributions, as defined by the IRS, thus providing favorable tax treatment for donors of such gifts.